Fire & Emergency Services

The Upper Providence Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services is comprised of 4 independent volunteer fire companies as well as a municipally staffed fire engine stationed at the township municipal building.



The Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services consists of five fulltime township employees who work 10 hour weekday shifts. In addition to the Fire Marshals Office activities, these employees provide fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials and medical responses. The intent of this department, as well as the Employee Firefighter Program is to provide additional support to the townships existing volunteer fire services.

  • Joshua Overholt, Chief Fire Marshal/EMT-Chief 93
  • Thomas Dimmerling, Deputy Fire Marshal/EMT-Assistant Chief 93
  • Rich Ressel, Firefighter/EMT
  • Jason Adams, Firefighter/EMT
  • Ryan Colelli, Firefighter/EMT

Volunteer Fire Companies

The following volunteer fire companies serve Upper Providence Township. Please note: The Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company (formerly the Mont Clare & Oaks Fire Companies) is the only fire company located within Upper Providence Township. The remaining 3 fire companies are located in the surrounding boroughs.

To volunteer at any of these companies, please contact the local company or the Fire Marshal at 610-933-9179.


Employee Firefighter Program

To further assist our volunteers and to assure public safety during daytime hours when response can be difficult, the Township Department of Fire and Emergency Services formed an employee firefighter program. The program’s mission is to supplement services of the volunteer fire companies during daytime hours. With the help of a dedicated fire engine purchased by and assigned to the township staff, township employees have been responding to fire emergencies during the workday since 2008.


Employees currently enrolled in the program are:

  • Donald Kelly - Captain 93
  • Chris Dolan - Lieutenant 93
  • Bryan Bortnichak - Firefighter
  • Josh Kelly - Firefighter
  • Sean Murtha - Firefighter


Through the purchase of fire apparatus, personal protective equipment, communication equipment as well as the expansion and construction of facilities, Upper Providence Township continues to demonstrate its commitment to the fire protection it provides for residents.


Office of Emergency Management

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors and endorsed by the Governor, the Emergency Management Coordinator Rich Ressel leads the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). The primary mission of the OEM is to develop and maintain a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of major emergencies.


Using the National Incident Management System (NIMS) the OEM oversees and coordinates the response to natural and manmade emergencies such as floods or large hazardous material spills. In addition, the OEM must prepare for emergencies that may occur at the Limerick Nuclear Power Generating Station due to the township’s close proximity.


Anyone wishing to assist with emergency management should contact Rich Ressel or the Fire Marshal at 610-933-9179.


Rich Ressel
Emergency Management Coordinator


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Fire & Emergency Services

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