Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains the township roads and parks in Upper Providence. With a budget of more than $4,000,000 and 85 miles of roads to maintain, the 13-member department stays busy keeping up with road repair, mowing and planting parkland, as well as being on-call 24/7 when snow and bad weather hits.


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Seasonal Work Schedule
Because most of the work occurs outdoors, the Public Works Department's priorities change with the seasons.


  • Road/shoulder Work
  • Street Sweeping
  • Park Maintenance, Mowing and Cleanup


  • Park Maintenance, Mowing
  • Roadside Mowing
  • Roadwork, Hot Patch (click on the Road Work link above)


  • Tree Trimming
  • Roadwork, Crack Sealing (click on the Road Work link above)
  • Fall Leaf Cleanup
  • Preparation for Winter
  • Park Maintenance, Mowing
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Winter Road Maintenance, Snow and Ice Removal
  • Roadwork, Crack Sealing (click on the Road Work link above)

State-maintained Roads
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) maintains and plows the state-owned roads in the township, including:

  • Route 29 (Bridge Street to Collegeville Road)
  • Route 113/Trappe Road
  • Black Rock Road
  • Egypt Road
  • Greenwood Avenue/Church Road
  • Lewis Road
  • Linfield-Trappe Road
  • Second Avenue (Royersford area)
  • Township Line Road
  • Wartman Road

Another local group, the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Authority (GVFTMA), also works to make traffic move more smoothly.


Call Before You Dig

When you break ground, be sure to avoid disturbing underground utilities. Call Pennsylvania’s Once Call System hotline at 800-242-1776, three working days before you dig on your property. It's the law!


Township is now using PennBid™

Bid solicitation and procurement of goods and services are critical to local government, and the township is pleased to announce the movement to using PennBid™, an electronic procurement program. Visit the PennBid™ homepage to access all bid and proposal information, along with submitting and updating your own bids. View open bids now.


Benefits to Upper Providence
Upper Providence chose PennBid™ to handle our bids because it allows us to maintain control of our bids while saving the township time and money. In addition, PennBid™ will make the process faster and easier for bidders. Some key benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Eliminates all copying, distributing, and manual tracking of bid documents.
  • Communication: Automated e-mail communications with bidders without managing contact lists.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces public bid advertising cost.
  • Error-free: All bids are electronically tabulated.
  • Security: Sealed bid security with auditable transparency.

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