Trash & Leaf Waste Collection

Trash collection is arranged by residents with private haulers and several are listed below.. Fees and days of service vary.

  • A J Blosenski, Inc., 610-942-2707
    • Residential ext. 223
    • Industrial ext. 226
  • Republic Services - formerly Allied Waste Services, 610-265-6337
  • J.P. Mascaro, 800-334-3403
  • Waste Management, 610-367-1300

The township does not endorse any one hauler. The list simply names known haulers that serve residents in the township may not be all-inclusive.

Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-up

What is Leaf Waste?
Leaf waste is defined as “leaves, garden residue, shrubbery, tree trimmings, and similar materials.”


The first pickup of each year is to be scheduled during spring, and the second pickup will be scheduled in the fall. The specific dates of collection are to be determined by the haulers and shall be communicated to their customers. All haulers will be required to also provide a complete schedule of pickups to the Township, which will be posted on the Township's website.

All residents are required to place leaf waste in biodegradable leaf bags available from area stores, such as Home Depot and Lowes. A limit of 10 bags per property is established for each of the two pickups by haulers. Haulers may reject Leaf Waste in plastic bags, or other non-biodegradable containers, or any bag contaminated by non-Leaf Waste. 

In addition to the collection of Leaf Waste by haulers, Township residents may drop-off Leaf Waste at the Township's Compost Site on Longford Road. Dates and locations will be published on the Township website and announced at public meetings. The dropped off Leaf Waste must also be packaged in biodegradable leaf bags.


Recycling of yard waste pick-up dates:

  • A J Blosenski, Inc., 610-942-2707
  • Residents are required to call for pick up if they will have leaf & yard waste on this date (They are not automatically going to every customer). May 16, 2015

  • JP Mascaro

  • Waste Management: Allows up to 5 bags of recycling yard waste every pickup day - not to exceed their 15 bag limit per pick up day of combined trash/recyclable - with a 33 gallon size limit on each bag.

    Household Hazardous Waste

    Please save your household hazardous waste, computer equipment, and small electronics for collection days, held several times a year by Montgomery County. Find out more details by visiting or calling 610-278-3618.


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