Flood Gauge Monitor

With flooding a common hazard for the Port Providence and Mont Clare sections of the Township, the Office of Emergency Management has installed two river level monitoring stations. The stations are solar powered and have the ability to transmit alert messages to emergency officials. One station is located on the Schuylkill River at the Route 29 bridge. The second station is on the Perkiomen Creek at the Arcola Road Bridge.

Emergency Officials monitor the stations as well as information received from numerous sources to provide alerts to our residents. Alerts can be received by the public by registering at Ready Montco https://www.montcopa.org/3311/ReadyMontcoAlerts will also be posted on the Township Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Schuylkill River is considered at flood gauge at 18 feet. The Perkiomen Creek is consider at flood stage at 11 feet. 

The six links on this page are directed to monitoring stations located along both waterways. In addition to the USGS sites, they include the two stations installed and monitored by Upper Providence with a hydrograph page indicating water level over a 24-hour period. The monitoring stations should only be used as tools when deciding what action you should take when flooding is occurring. Monitoring the waterways, listening to weather reports, responding to Township alerts and advice from Emergency Officials as well as other sources should all be taken into consideration when making decisions. As a reminder, flooding is leading cause of death by natural disaster in Pennsylvania. Having a plan in place and evacuating prior to flooding occurs helps protect you and your family.

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