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The mission of the Office of Emergency Management is to protect life, property, and the environment through the coordination and support of emergency planning, response, and recovery operations.  


The Office of Emergency Management is part of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and is staffed by a full-time Emergency Management Coordinator.  The Emergency Management Coordinator is appointed by the Governor after recommendation and nomination by the UPT Board of Supervisors.  OEM operates the Regional Emergency Operations Center which serves Upper Providence Township and Trappe Borough.  The EOC is staffed by specially trained township employees and volunteers and is activated during natural and man-made disasters, severe weather, special events, and training exercises.  OEM works closely with partners from Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

Disaster Declarations

The Board of Supervisors and/or the Township Manager are authorized by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Code (Title 35) and the Upper Providence township Code to declare a disaster emergency or snow and ice emergency if a disaster or emergency is occurring or imminent.  The declaration activates the Township Emergency Operations Plan which enhances coordination of response and recovery efforts, repairs, and streamlines emergency purchasing.  In the event of a snow and ice emergency, no parking and other restrictions will be enforced on Snow Emergency Routes (insert link)

UPT Weather Hub 

The Office of Emergency Management manages the UPT Weather Hub.  The UPT Weather Hub provides accurate, updated information about conditions in Upper Providence Township and includes: 

  • UPT Weather Station information powered by Earth Networks
  • Two Township-Owned Flood Gauges
    • Perkiomen Creek at Arcola Road
    • Schuylkill River at Route 29


To receive Emergency Alerts, including flood related notifications, sign up with Ready Montco here.

If you or a family member has disabilities, access, or functional needs, please let us know here, so that we can better assist you during an emergency.  If you have an immediate need, please call 911.

Preparing For Disasters

Being ready for an emergency can help limit the negative effects to you, your family, your home, or business. Take time now to make a plan and build a kit. Check out for tips and advice.

  1. Dan Schaefer

    Emergency Management Coordinator

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